Asked questions

Uptimen is a smart uptime monitor. You can use this uptime robot to check each interval if your host is reachable for your visitors or not. Is your host down or do we receive a error? We will send you an e-mail alert to notify you about the outage. You’ll gain also insight in the performance of your site. How long does it take before the server responds with the complete website source? You’ll have really good insight in such perfomance metrics.

A alert is a result of an outage of your host. Is your host down or did we receive a error or timeout? We will send you an alert. In the alert body you see what the specific error is that we received. After an outage we will check each 10 seconds if the host is up or not. If the host is up the alert will be marked as solved.

To add a new monitor you have to go to your own dashboard. In the dashboard you can navigate to ‘Monitors’. At the top of the monitors you can click on the green button with the big Plus icon. A new modal dialog will open where you can enter the details of the monitor:1. Friendly name of the monitor2. The url/hostname of the monitor3. Monitor Type (http/https/etc.)4. Interval in minutes5. Timeout in secondsWhen you added the new monitor, the next run of our uptime robot your monitor will be checked. The results are shown in the monitor detail page.

Yes! You can pause the monitor by going to your monitor in the dashboard and click on the Stop button.

A timeout alert is a signal that our uptime robot didn’t receive a good response within the timeout periode you’ve configured in your monitor. It is possible that there is a very good reason for a timeout alert. Most common reason is that the server behind your target is busy at certain moments. It’s a really serious signal to analyse the performance of the server and take action if needed. Another option is to select a higher timeout for your monitor.